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Work: Projects

Design in Health
Case Studies

Mixed Methods Design Research | Client Work

Primary care clinic for Austin Community College

Designing Austin Community College's first-ever on-site primary care clinic.


Service & Experience Design | Design Research

Sherpa Medical

Medical billing that doesn't make you sick.

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Service Blueprint | Insights

Appointment Scheduling Journey

Pulled from ACC Primary Care Clinic insights, a blueprint to show the Patient Experience scheduling an appointment.


Systems Design | Visual Design

Asthma in children from low-income areas

Understanding the system and the relationship between low income neighborhoods and asthma in children.

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 Service & Experience Design | Design Research


A hyrbid analog and digital approach to prepare you and your network for the postpartum experience.

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User Research | Client Work

Patient research on acquiring a surgery

Worked with the startup PatientPartner in order to discover commonalities and pattern when patients acquire a surgery.

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Case Competition

Home is where the Health is

A three-pronged solution for real regions to access health right at the convenience of their home.

Screen Shot 2022-04-17 at 5.57.08 PM.png

6-day Design Challenge


A home health care solution for caretakers and their team.

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Work: Projects

Other projects


2-day Design Challenge

Designed a health hack for a colleague to reduce food waste and enhance produce longevity in the fridge.

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