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Home is where the Health is

A three-pronged solution for rural regions to access health right at the convenience of their home.

1-week Case Competition

The case:

Teams were given 7 days to read a case prompt and respond. The case tackled the permissibility of allowing a merger between two rural hospital systems operating in northeast Tennessee and southwest Virginia that would result in a regional monopoly.

The prompt:

Should the State of Virginia approve a merger between MSHA and WHS? Why or why not?


If you do not support a merger, what business, clinical, and operational alternative would you propose in its stead? Provide a justification for your decision.

Main learnings:

Design in business is highly important to understand the user's. We were recognized as 'Designers' in a Business oriented competition under a quick deadline and fast-paced environment.

Learned how to work under a quick deadline, facilitate teamwork & collaboration, and think of preventative health interventions.

Presented our solution to high-up Healthcare executives with storytelling tactics.

Placed 2nd amongst other graduate students (MBAs, MD, MA's)

The process:

1. How I contributed

I focused on the Mobile Farmers market portion.

I thought of features such as:

  • Encourage the farming of diverse and healthy produce

  • Stimulate the local economy by helping farmers sell their community

  • Have physicians implement food prescription programs

  • Utilize “Double Up Food Bucks” SNAP Program

  • Promote healthy diets and lifestyle

  • Build trust and goodwill in the community

  • Increase community desire to visit the mobile clinic

  • Create opportunities to engage with community members

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How I contribted
Skills & tools

2. Skills and tools I used

Design Thinking/Creative Problem Solving

  • Taking a human-centered (in this case, community-centered) approach.


  • Rapidly ideated with team solutions, prioritized feasible and valuable solutions, and also took an upstream approach thinking of solutions targeting prevention due to the health morbidities in the community.

Analyzing Data

  • Analyzed hospital spending in 1 fiscal year to understand the revenue streams of the hospitals.

Synthesizing Data

  • Understanding and piecing together the facts brought up in the case.

Branding & Marketing

  • Creating a brand for our 3-pronged solutions and how we would promote it to the community considering the "rural perspective".

Analogous research

  • Looking at current solutions from other hospitals and in other industries to think of approach that would benefit the population.

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3. Extra artifacts/photos

Artifacts & Photos
Case Competition Details:


November 7th, 2021

7-day duration




  • Ashlyn Anthony

  • Lana Schommer

  • Adan Tijerina


​3rd Annual McCombs Healthcare Case Competition hosted by Health Innovation Fellows & MBA Healthcare Association

Insights & Themes
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