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I'm here to take the design thinking approach into all things related to health, because - WE NEED IT. It all starts from uplifting the voices of the people, understanding their journey, and taking those insights to design better experiences overall.

Hi, I'm

(kree-sha an)

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My short story.

I went from designing marketing flyers, to designing data analytics dashboards, to designing processes in order to operate a space/service/team, and to designing layouts to acquired COVID-19 testing and vaccines. If there's anything I realized in this entire journey, it's that:

  1. I've never been labeled a designer or researcher,

  2. Always find the time to talk to the people involved or using the product, space, or service.

  3. I've love working with and for the people, and

  4. Everything I've worked with has been related to health


Now with the knowledge I have gained from pursuing my MA in Design focused on Health, I have grown in my appreciation for why and how user voices need to inform the spaces, services, and products we generate for health. While I will be an excellent employee at any level, I thrive in growing environments. I am at my best when I can lead from the front where I can see & build the strongest team & project with all of its many elements. I am dedicated to work with and for people in communities to assess their needs and create solutions for them in order to have favorable experiences within their health. As one might put it, dancing my way through the health system, and bringing along those to dance with me as well.

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